Your intranet solution for perfect teamwork.

CONCLUSTER is your dynamic knowledge database that your entire team can access anytime, anywhere.

With CONCLUSTER, you communicate with your entire member network in one central system.

As the heart of your company, CONCLUSTER enables perfect teamwork.

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The perfect management software for collaboration with your employees.

Everything your company needs for internal communication.

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CONCLUSTER - Your Intranet

Whether internal events, new rules of conduct for employees, access data separated by department or simply telephone lists: companies are always faced with the complex task of providing a lot of information for different people. CONCLUSTER supports you in managing this information in a central tool.

  • Dynamic knowledge base
    Provide data and knowledge for your entire employee network and manage them centrally and dynamically. With the keyword search, you can find the topics you are looking for quickly and easily. Or you can display only the content that is relevant to you and thus maintain an overview and save time.
  • Simplified communication
    Organize appointments, coordinate events and send information and data to your entire team. Comment on or discuss certain topics with your employees and keep everyone up to date.
  • Uncomplicated appointment coordination
    The practical calendar tool from CONCLUSTER simplifies the planning of appointments with your employees. All appointments and relevant information are centrally visible for the entire team and can also be transferred to other calendar systems.

CONCLUSTER is simple. And versatile.

CONCLUSTER is not just a groupware like many others. We have developed CONCLUSTER with a focus on usability and security in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

  • Enhanced user interface
    The user interface of CONCLUSTER is modern and reduced. This means you always have the essentials in view.
  • Integrated messaging tools
    Communicate relevant topics with the entire team or with individual employees. Browse conversation history for essential information, or send out newsletters. All in CONCLUSTER, easier than ever.
  • Unrestricted Access
    Because CONCLUSTER is a web-based tool, you don't need to worry üt about system compatibility. Every employee has full access, anywhere, anytime. Of course, in compliance with applicable data protection regulations.

Simple, smart, CONCLUSTER.

Where are the login details again? Can someone quickly send me the high-resolution old logo for comparison? You come across these problems all the time in the business world. With CONCLUSTER we have developed a tool that is supposed to be the central interface of all information of a company.

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Three elementary steps for a smooth organization



CONCLUSTER is designed to help you avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in organizations, and to help you perform the following critical operations in the best possible way.

Targeted information

With CONCLUSTER you provide content temporarily or permanently for all employees or groups, send out information and create a central reference work.

Transparent communication

In CONCLUSTER, you exchange information with your employees on important topics. The communication remains comprehensible for all, no information is lost.

Efficient collaboration

Thanks to CONCLUSTER, collaboration within your company runs smoothly and effectively. This promotes cohesion and ensures a good atmosphere in the team.

The first choice for many organizations.

Many companies, clubs and associations from a wide range of industries already use the practical features of CONCLUSTER.


Get everything out of your business!


With CONCLUSTER, the most modern intranet system for your company!